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  1. Hi guys, for those that accepted the offer for Western PT, all you had to do to secure a spot was accept via orpas right? Besides sending your final transcript, do you have to do anything to secure a spot?
  2. for those that were accepted to western PT, are your statuses in western student centre show up as only "accepted offer"? I accepted my offer quite a long time ago and was wondering when it would switch to "admitted." thanks!
  3. does anyone know if the deadline posted to accept an offer on ORPAS means that we have to make a decision right before the deadline or at the end of that day? ( for ex, June 22. June 21 1159 pm or June 22 1159 pm?)
  4. Hi guys, I got off the waitlist for Western PT. I was just wondering if we accept via email ,will that count as a firm acceptance or provisional? Im on the waitlist for UoT PT as well and would prefer to go there due to the location. Hoping that its only a provisional as i most likely will accept the offer with the hopes of getting an offer from UoT by the end of the week. But does anyone have any information about this?
  5. hi guys, i provisionally accepted my offer for OT at UoT. Was wondering if I still had to pay the deposit due on June 12 even tho i haven't firmly accepted the offer yet. Thanks
  6. hi guys, i provisionally accepted an offer for an OT program and was wondering if once it becomes firm on the 21st of June, will I still be on the waitlist for the PT programs i was waitlisted for? (im assuming yes because its a different program but im not too sure)
  7. Hey, do you know how accepting an OT offer would affect my PT waitlist? I was accepted to OT for UoT but waitlisted for a PT in UoT and western as well.
  8. it should say on top of the email they sent u. That’s for OT anyways
  9. hi guys, congrats on your accomplishments! i was waitlisted at mac ot at #9 and im wondering if anyone has a clue on what my chances are for getting in.
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