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  1. Thank you so much! In my offer letter it states "The deadline for receipt of your final transcript to ORPAS showing your degree was conferred is June 30, 2020. Applicants who attend Ontario universities must use the online transcript request service on ORPAS to order their final transcripts" so I was confused. I assume it was a general message applying to anyone with outstanding final transcripts. Sent an email a couple days ago with no response. Since my degree was conferred in 2018 and no information has changed since then, that's what I thought too Thank you!
  2. Does anyone know if I have to resend my transcripts via ORPAS if when I applied back in December, I already sent my "final transcripts" since I graduated and conferred already?(in 2018) Hope that makes senses! Thanks
  3. Yaaaaaay congrats! I got off the waitlist as well on Wednesday. Excited that you will be joining Western! Also! Someone made an unofficial Western OT Class of 2022 page
  4. Hi everyone! I just got off the waitlist for Western OT, notified via email. I was wondering if I accept their offer, would this mean it's firm? I am also on waitlist for McMaster OT and I haven't heard back yet and was waiting for them.
  5. I haven't! Been checking my emails. Perhaps those notified so far from waitlist need to respond by certain date and after that date, they'll move down the list again. Good luck, don't lose hope!
  6. Omg that's amazing!! I was so nervous because I am #31 and that is my first choice. Was it through email or phone?
  7. I'm not sure if anybody has asked this before but I was wondering if anybody knows if McMaster OT waitlist moves quite a bit in the past? I'm in the #30s and not sure what my chances are looking like. Correct me if I am wrong but there's like 67 spots? Trying to be hopeful. Mac was my first choice
  8. Hi everyone! I just received an email not too long ago, advising I am on the Queens Waitlist. It was a specific person sending this email manually and since it's not automatic, that's probably why some haven't received an email yet. Don't worry! :)
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