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  1. Hi! Honestly I think your stats seem pretty great. Your experience seems similar to mine (research lab, 100+ hours working with a relevant population), & I also majored in kin. Plus your subgpa is higher than mine! I got into Queen’s OT this year from (presumably) high on the waitlist, so I would think you’d at least be a candidate there. If you feel your application could use more experience, you could seek out a shadow opportunity with an OT this fall - although I know that could be difficult with covid & all. Feel free to dm me if you have any other questions! Good luck!
  2. UofT never gave out rankings for their OT waitlist to my knowledge, so I have no clue
  3. She heard back yesterday, that’s all I know! She’s waiting to hear from Queen’s OT just in case, but otherwise she’ll be accepting UofT for sure
  4. One of my classmates did yesterday! Her deadline to accept the offer is July 22 I believe
  5. Log into SOLUS & scroll to the bottom of the page under Admissions, if you click “view status”, it should say that you’ve accepted your offer of admission with the correct program & career (graduate). As long as nothing is pending or unofficial on your SOLUS, then I think you’re fine. The school just seems to be a bit slow with rolling all of this out thus far
  6. I haven’t gotten anything about an unconditional offer yet, but my SOLUS says I’m a registered student. Have you activated your Queen’s email yet? I’ve gotten a couple emails from the school with a bit of info on registration, but nothing specific to the program. They also said in the most recent email that they would only be communicating with us via our Queen’s email now
  7. Been a while since I used them so I don’t have specific urls, but the official casper site has a good practice test, & it’s worth it to google for practice tests & try those. Same with the typing games. Check around & see what works best for your studying!
  8. Use the practice test they have on the website often! There’s also a few websites for med applicants with tips on the CASPer, and outlines for how to answer most effectively. If you struggle with typing speed, try some online games for typing, or typing races. I did a few every day for a couple weeks leading up to the test
  9. Haven’t heard anything new yet! Although in the open house they said they want to get the class settled & shortly after we will hear more info about classes & specific program requirements/expectations. Hopefully we’ll be hearing within the next week or two! We’ll be coming up on a month until move in shortly, since they say they want us in Kingston two weeks in advance
  10. As long as you’ve graduated, all mandatory classes were completed, & your offer was non-conditional/final, you shouldn’t have to resend any transcripts!
  11. I feel like that is likely the reason. The zoom open house that it was mentioned on didn’t state a reason either. Maybe schools will be putting out statements concerning it once their classes are assembled?
  12. I recall Queen’s mentioning they have a small OT class this year (50), so maybe other schools are taking this route as well? Maybe that could be contributing to limited spots & lack of waitlist movement
  13. I believe the Queen’s med school waitlist applicants heard back once a week, so I would imagine that for OT they might send out another batch of acceptances this Saturday (1 week since the first round of waitlist offers) or on the morning of the 22nd
  14. Email! The original waitlist emails from May 29 said that correspondence would be made via email I believe. I didn’t expect them to have offers coming out over the weekend either! I received it at 10:20am this morning
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