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  1. Hey! Ya I declined my offer in the first week of June. For reference though I also applied to their QY PT program and it still says "In Review". I also remember reading somewhere that they send out offers in August if needed, so don't lose hope!
  2. Thank you! I got my offer to nominate on May 1st (early afternoon) which I accepted (had till May 15th). I then got my official acceptance from GPS on May 28th. Hope this helps and best of luck!
  3. Rejected my offer from McGill OT (QY), and UOttawa OT, so it should open up spots for people on the waitlists!
  4. Alright, so I've been following this thread/forum for awhile and found it very helpful, so I'll share my info in case it can help anyone! Applied + (PT or OT?): PT: UOttawa, McGill (QY), & Queens. OT: UOttawa, McGill (QY), & McMaster.Accepted: UOttawa (PT & OT), McGill (OT QY) Waitlisted: Rejected: Queens (PT), McMaster (OT) - for McMaster I got waitlisted for the interview, but never heard back. Awaiting Response: McGill (PT)s-GPA: 3.76 (ORPAS)c-GPA: 3.63 (ORPAS)Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: Student therapist for University varsity team (2 years). Worked as a technician throughout undergrad for my school. Volunteered at a clinic as an assistant to the Certified Athletic Therapist and Physiotherapists (about one summer). Volunteered at various U-Sports national championships that my University was hosting. Coached soccer. In my rejection email from Queens which I got this morning around 8am, my grades were above the cut-off, so I believe that I did not get in as a result of my personal submission (after re-reading it recently I realize it could have been stronger). Was unsure about Casper, but I guess it went okay! For reference: Got UOttawa acceptance this morning, and McGill (OT - QY) on May 1st, with official letter on May 28th. Overview: Went to college in a completely unrelated field and decided to change fields after completion of my diploma with goal of becoming a PT. Was credited a full year of University as a result, but made sure to take the prerequisites for PT/OT regardless as I was told that the schools want University credits (for the prerequisite courses). Worth to note that I did not do as great in one class in what should have been my last year, so I went back for another year to gain more experience as a student therapist and retook the class while also taking other classes (3 per semester). I was worried that not being in a full course load would have an impact on my possibility of admission, but I guess it depends on the school (from knowledge I believe UofT and Western require full course loads). Overall happy that I got in my first choice (UOttawa PT)! Feel free to message if anyone has any questions
  5. Hi everyone! This morning I got 4 emails from OttawaU about decisions being made on uozone (2 for pt, 2 for ot). The first time I logged in my status for OT was ‘admitted’, while the one for PT was ‘under evaluation’. I logged out and about 45 minutes later logged back in to see if the status for PT had changed, but it hadn’t, while the one for OT went back to being ‘under evaluation’. Anyone else experiencing this similar situation?
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