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  1. Hey again! So I didn’t ask them where they got their offer (email or uOzone) but I’d definitely continue to check uOzone to be safe. I got my first-round offer on uOzone, although I received an email that “your status has been updated” on uOzone that morning, so I’d probably check there first. (Although, I got the email and it was several hours later that my file had changed on uOzone... and also if their admin had it together, we’d get an email... but uO’s admin is far from perfect—I speak from 4 years experience haha) My guess though is that you will hear likely soon, unless someone drops out of the program closer to the start date.
  2. Hey! I know someone who was given an offer on June 18th off of the waitlist. I imagine after acceptances became firm yesterday that you should hear in the next couple of days whether a spot has opened. Wishing you luck!! Edit: I’m unsure where they found out about their offer, but I assume they would have received an email if it parallels most other schools.
  3. Yeah, I was hoping to get off of an English school’s wait list! But I decided to keep my French offer.
  4. I mean... it said that on the ORPAS site, so I imagine that’s the case! I’m in the same boat as you are! I think we’ll need to wait until tomorrow morning. Hang in there!
  5. I'm wondering the same thing. My situation: I've provisionally accepted uOttawa, but I'd really rather not do physio school in French lol. I really don't understand why they can't just keep people on the waitlist, and get them to either accept or decline as they go... rather than essentially "forcing" us into a choice.
  6. Hey! I wanted to start a thread to try and see how many people were placed on the Queens MPT waitlist. It would be super helpful too if those that accepted another school could also let us know, just to have an idea of waitlist movement! Best of luck to everyone waitlisted or accepted!!
  7. Anyone on Queens waitlist hear anything yet? I saw a post earlier in this thread saying that they did “batch” offers for applicants coming off of the med wait list, so I’m curious!
  8. Anyone have any idea how long the Queens waitlist is for PT? Does anyone have experience making it into Queens PT from the waitlist (from previous years) and any idea of how long that would take?
  9. hey! so if you “provisionally” accept the offer, you can actually choose to remain considered for other schools that you may be on a waitlist for. There is a difference between choosing “firm” and “provisional” on the ORPAS site, so be careful what you choose haha!
  10. Do you mean change the date to the 19th? Also is this for PT or OT, or both? My acceptance letter says the deposit must be made by “June 1”, and I’m on waitlist for another school, so I’d like to not have to pay it if I won’t be attending uO.
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