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  1. The unofficial group has been archived as the official group was made, meaning that there will be no new activity in the unofficial group. Is that what you were referring to?
  2. I did very minimal preparation and must’ve done quite well as I got accepted into Western. All I did was watch a couple videos on YouTube that talked about how to format answers and I read a few example questions and answers. You want to be weighing the pros and cons for every question; you don’t want to just answer with “I would do ______ because ______” then forget to play devil’s advocate.
  3. I know that there are classes local to me right now so depends on your area! I have been waiting for Western to decide whether they will require first aid & CPR or just CPR before signing up for anything.
  4. I was accepted into Western OT, not PT, and mine still says “accepted offer” even after my tuition deposit was processed. So maybe they change the status to “admitted” once the class list is finalized?
  5. I am from NS and am moving in September! I mostly just want to get settled and into a routine ASAP versus having to move across provinces in the middle of classes. I also don’t really want to be driving that far in the winter either in case of a snowstorm. Plus I think I will get more school work done when I have my own space.
  6. I am still getting the occasional join request and the second-years don’t have an official group made yet which leads me to believe that the class might not be full yet! But I don’t know for sure unfortunately.
  7. I know Western OT will have a smaller class size than usual. I believe this year there are 62 seats but I can’t recall how many there were in previous years. I started a FB group for us all though so make sure to join if you haven’t and you have been accepted! They will make an official group once the class list is finalized but for now, we have a couple second-years as well as the director of the OT school in the unofficial group who have been sharing some info. It should pop up if you type Western OT: Class of 2022 into your search bar!
  8. I am planning on getting both a student loan and line of credit just to be safe!
  9. Following! I’m going to OT school but I am researching lines of credit as well.
  10. Ohh, you had said Western Virtual Open House so I thought Western University had one! I misunderstood.
  11. Where did you hear about the open house? I haven’t gotten any emails yet aside from the one that notified me about my offer of admission.
  12. Just replying to bump this up! I found this thread via the search and it was SO helpful. I will be attending Western this coming September for OT and this thread answered a few of my questions so thank you!
  13. I have a friend who declined so there might be some movement.
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