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  1. Those who got off the Western PT waitlist, did the offer show up on ORPAS yet? I emailed back saying I was interested in the offer and they still haven’t gotten back to me
  2. It says on the school of physical therapy website on the western website uwo.ca/fhs/pt/
  3. Hey, I’m from the GTA but going to school at Western and was also contemplating working while studying. I’ve had a part time job throughout all of undergrad and have developed a nice relationship with the management team, which has said they’ll let me pop by whenever I can to work (if I have placements near home). Plus, in person instruction doesn’t start at western until Sept 28th, so until I’m just gonna stay home and work and study at the same time. I think to work while studying you really need to find a place to work that will be flexible and okay with you working only a few shifts every now and then. I definitely think it’s doable and know a couple people that have done it during their masters.
  4. Well I just got into Western which I prefer over both anyways so I guess it worked out for the best lol!
  5. Yeah I think that’s what happened... damn I thought since I only provisionally accepted an offer then I could still choose before the 21st
  6. Hey everyone, I provisionally accepted queens pt but also got into UofT, but I couldn’t decide fully so I asked to still be considered for UofT. Now I’ve changed my mind as want to change my acceptance to UofT but on orpas it just says still wish to be considered and isn’t letting me accept the offer. Have I missed my chance??
  7. This is incredibly fishy since I’ve seen at least 5-6 people on these forums saying that they declined their McMaster PT offer...
  8. Hi all, I just wanted to ask past or current Western PT students how east the placements you can get are for this program? Are you able to get any in the GTA, or does it usually stop around Kitchener?
  9. Hey do you guys know if it’s better to get a line of credit or apply to OSAP? I haven’t done much research and any help is appreciated!
  10. Where’d you decide to go if you don’t mind me asking and what was your reasoning?
  11. Hi all, I had a question with provisional acceptances. If I provisionally accept one, it asks for other schools I want consideration in. Say I provisionally accept queens and want consideration in western and McMaster. If western contacts me saying I got in from the waitlist, will McMaster still contact me if I get in from the waitlist after? Assuming I don’t firmly accept anything at that point
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