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  1. Are you a current U of T PT student? The addition of ACE days that you mentioned sounds like a very beneficial addition to help make connections in the community and prepare yourself for finding a job after graduation (along with increasing your practical experience of course). That's also great to hear that U of T is shifting to PBL as well! If there is one thing i've learned from these **DELETED** forums it is that U of T students seem to be unbelievably happy with the school and the program itself.
  2. Same here!! I thought I had a great application for Western but still ended up coming short. From the sounds of it I think they had a really strong pool of applicants this year compared to other years. Good luck, hopefully you'll get into somewhere soon!
  3. Im number 43 so I hope you aren't yanking my chain. At least there might be a small chance I guess. How do you know this?
  4. Does anybody know how many spots on the Mac PT waitlist were let in to the program last year or the year before?
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