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  1. This was one of my concerns that I had about U of T, and it is super nice to hear this!
  2. That's got to be a tough choice to make. Probably a pretty good chance you would get off of that Western waitlist though right? That's got to be a hard one to turn down! (Frankly turning down any of those other 3 schools has got to be hard).
  3. I've heard amazing things about Western for their PT program, and they were my number 1 choice by far! Unfortunately I didn't get accepted there, but there's always next year I guess!
  4. It's possible, who knows! I was also looking at it from Mac's POV in which they might have to change the way things are done a bit more drastically than other programs that don't do PBL/SLG, and then it could make a bit more confusing of environment overall for students and staff.
  5. I feel like a lot of people are going to end up dropping Mac PT because the PBL and small group learning outline might end up being extremely frustrating with Online learning / COVID etc, and if people have offers to other programs it would be a lot easier to just go elsewhere. It will be interesting to see how drastic of changes Mac makes to the program.
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