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  1. Thank you @PA4lyfe! I’m thrilled to say I’ve accepted a spot in the MPAS program for the upcoming term! I’m coming from out of province and unfortunately my initial plan to come in June to find housing has been interrupted by COVID19 travel restrictions, so I’m finding it really tricky to know where to even begin looking for housing. I was wondering if you could tell me which areas (if any) students tend to live in while completing this program/attending U of M? I don’t know Winnipeg at all so any guidance on where to start looking would be super appreciated! I was also wondering if you had any suggestions about what to do in the months leading up to the start of term to prepare? Were there any texts you found helpful or wished you had read before starting? Feel free to DM me to chat if it’s easier! thanks so much!
  2. I’ve spoken to some other people as well and I don’t think anyone has heard anything yet so fingers crossed we hear something soon! @PA4lyfe thank you!! And congrats on your upcoming graduation!!
  3. Hi Everyone, Just curious if anyone has heard back from the MPAS (physician assistant) program at U of Manitoba? Also wondering if anyone knows how the waitlist works at U of M? Will we be told if we are waitlisted? thank you!
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