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  1. @Nick4PT Thank you! I feel like more will roll out once midnight hits and first round offers expire, so I wish you the best! No, unfortunately they didn't mention where I was on the waitlist whatsoever
  2. I know, it's barely anytime at all, haha. That's a really good question, I'm not sure... they mentioned that it may take several business days before I can see the offer on ORPAS. I am wondering if accepting a waitlist offer would make it firm? Because June 21st is also the day provisional offers become firm. If another student who got a first round offer and provisionally accepted at one school, but was also holding out for another school, they would be removed from waitlists at other institutions on the 21st. So if I received a waitlist offer, then was granted an "additional/extended" provisional period (e.g. June 21st-July 1st), that would be unfair to the other student? If anyone has any insight on this, please share!
  3. I have to email them by end of day on June 15th with a YES or NO, and to respond to the offer on ORPAS by June 21st
  4. I got an offer off of the Queen's PT waitlist earlier this evening! People should be hearing back soon!!
  5. I got an offer off of the Queen's PT waitlist earlier this evening! People should be hearing back soon!!
  6. Hey, from what I remember, I think I saw 65ish people on the Zoom for McMaster OT.
  7. The current McMaster OT students will create one for us after first round offers expire (tomorrow)!
  8. Going off of @OTH0PEFUL97, when do we find out about placements/where we are placed? Do we get much notice prior to the start date? I am potentially thinking of commuting for the first 2 weeks of November for class, doing the placement, then moving in for January 2021. However, I'm nervous that November and January rentals will be difficult to obtain, and maybe September move in is the most realistic???
  9. Hi there, I was wondering if McMaster OT have cadaver anatomy labs? I believe some schools do offer this/have in the past. Thank you!
  10. You'd have to do the full certification. First Aid is not required so CPR BLS (HCP) or CPR-C + AED will do!
  11. BLS replaced the HCP (health care provider) CPR. My understanding is that the BLS level of CPR is geared towards professionals and first responders. CPR-C is more general in nature, I had CPR-C for my summer jobs throughout high school. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe the CPR-C certification lasts longer than BLS (1 year cert vs. 2-3 years)? And yes, it is due July 31st, OR once CPR courses resume (https://srs-mcmaster.ca/ot-year-one-requirements/#ByulXlTf). If you have it you should submit it by this date but given that many CPR courses are on hold, I think they are being lenient. I will likely be accepting McMaster OT too! So see you soon hopefully
  12. Is there a McMaster OT facebook page or forum thread for future students? I have not accepted yet but am likely going to, would love to chat!
  13. Hey all, I am hoping for some guidance on waitlists. If I accept an offer for an OT program, will that automatically remove me from PT waitlists? SubGPA: 3.84 Accepted: McMaster OT Waitlisted: UofT & Queens PT Thanks! Congrats to everyone for applying, regardless of the outcome! Good things are coming.
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