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  1. In case anyone else is wondering, so far two schools (Ottawa and McMaster) have confirmed that ORPAS and OMSAS are separate, so accepting the OT offer would not affect their waitlists in any way. Haven't received responses from Western or Queen's but I'm hoping it would be similar.
  2. Thanks for your responses, I've already emailed the schools to clarify, but was just wondering if anyone had been in the same situation!
  3. Hi all, Long time lurker here.. thought I would finally add my stats to add to the document. Thanks again to everyone who's helped put it together! Stream (EN/FR): ENTime You Received E-mail: 7:45"Created" Time: 7:45:27wGPA: 3.97
  4. Hi all, I just got an offer for Western's OT program but I'm also on Western's medicine waitlist (and a couple of other med waitlists). Does anyone know if I were to accept the OT offer, if that would automatically remove me from the OMSAS waitlists? Has anyone been in this situation before? Thanks!
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