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  1. Great, thank you! I am actually thinking of taking BIOL 204 and 205 since I have no biology courses at all on my transcript, and uOttawa requires 6 units of biology. Any chance you looked at those?
  2. Hi everyone, I'm in my late twenties and an Ontario native. I have never taken a biology course in my entire life, and considered myself a 'pure physics guy' with an aversion to medicine. While I've been successful in my career, I do not feel fulfilled, and a lot of soul searching has led me to seriously consider becoming a doctor. Specifically, I am looking at radiation oncology since it lines up well with my prior experiences. That being said, I know you can't count on a specific match, so I remain open minded. While I think I can make a compelling case, I am concerned that my grades and lack of healthcare-related ECs will hold me back from the Ontario schools in particular. Profile below: Academics: Undergrad: B.A.Sc. Engineering Physics, cGPA 3.92/4.30 which is roughly 3.78/4.0 on the OMSAS scale (if I did it right) Grad: M.Sc. Particle Physics, course-based, GPA = 3.77/4.00 MCAT: Not taken yet Research: 2 years researching particle physics 1 summer researching medical physics (NSERC) Work Experience: 3 years of management consulting at a top firm giving strategic advice to F500 corporations across North America Very stressful, ~60-70 hours a week, crazy high stakes and high emphasis on polished communication skills 2 years as a top-ranked TA for physics and economics Ongoing management of my family business after my father's passing ECs: Intramural sports all throughout undergrad, didn't join clubs cause I thought they were lame (I'm dumb) Have won and recieved prize money in several business case competitions Executive role in Canada's largest science festival Work-related leadership roles at my office Caretaker role in my immediate family due to parental health problems and passing of my father What's the read here? I don't think I could stomach going to an international school given my family commitments. Ontario is preferable but I'd go anywhere in Canada realistically. I'm hoping the sheer toughness of my academic coursework might give me some slack on the GPA, but I have a feeling engineers get the short end of the stick for Canadian med schools.
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