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  1. I haven't accepted my offer yet but probably going to do that in a week or so. Still waiting for UBC although I don't know if I'm patient enough for that haha.
  2. Hey! Not at all you are just in time! Yea it seems like the UK school interviews are much more relaxed and more of a chat. It will be difficult to decide between Brunel and GCU though (if I do get into GCU that is :p)
  3. Yea that is a tricky situation...I think they said they would do online + in person delivery though, so for those that cannot travel to UK or those that can't go to campus they can do everything online.
  4. Hi! How was your interview with GCU? Was it relatively relaxed and more of a chat compared to the MMI that Canadian schools use? I have an interview with them coming up and wanted to go in prepared!
  5. Wow...really thought for waitlisted candidates they would send out offers by rank, but I guess that means I still have a shot!
  6. Thanks for doing this! I was accepted at Brunel so there is a chance I will be going there in September, would you happen to know anything about Brunel's program/location/placements? They seem pretty decent and like you mentioned above, the UK curriculum is pretty similar across all schools, but I was hoping to find out a bit more. Also, would you happen to know about the accreditation process when we do want to practice in Canada after grad? Would it be more difficult for oversea-trained physio grads to get licensed and get a decent job in Canada?
  7. Well at least now I know I got a friend to move to Brunel with hahaha! (If I end up going :p)
  8. BC resident here! Also accepted to Brunel so at least I know I can start in September! Waitlisted for UBC and the wait is killing me
  9. Just wondering if anyone is going to Brunel in September for PT?
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