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  1. London Drugs starts at $39/hr and if you are a manager for LD u make $100k/year (family friend)
  2. Does it make you happier if re-word it saying physio is also crazy competitive but less competitive than med god fking damn it. No matter what, professional schools in Canada are competitive. Physio GPA standards are NOT lower. IN physio you still need strong EC's. However, you do NOT need the MCAT I give you that. Physio also has MMI (for UBC at least).
  3. I see a poster above mentioning foreign pharmacist. I actually wish the college or government would protect Canadians by preventing foreigners from working unless they are willing to go thru school again.
  4. Everything has its flaws (even med). For me, I chose pharm because I don't see myself being able to climb higher if you know what I mean. Medicine is impossible for me, dentistry I am awful at spatial reasoning, optom only one school in canada, physiotherapy is just as competitive as med.
  5. If people are afraid to go in, then props to me then. I just can't see myself getting into MEDICAL SCHOOL because its ridiculously hard. Do you have any other suggestion???? I think physiotherapy is pretty good too but it really depends if you can find clients. Honestly, everything has it flaws. If only I was talented enough to do house flipping. You can make millions but now its eh..
  6. oh wtf :O. I just know UBC Med is 18k ish.
  7. I think people over-exaggerate to be honest. Yes, pharmacy isn't perfect but heres the thing: NOT EVERYONE CAN GET INTO MED OR DENT.. And as Luna Captain mentioned its not that bad tbh. Pharmacy used to be way better when it was BSc because it was CHEAP and you made a decent salary. Now, salary I think is okay but not the best but the education is expensive af - similarly priced to med, but what can you do. In a way pharmacy isn't worth it but some ppl may not have better options.
  8. Assuming u make $40/hr (some places start at $40/hr from the research I have done) that comes down to $83k/year before tax which imo isnt too bad. If you were to do accounting you would make around 70-80k/year. Nursing u can make 100k/year but you be working lots of overtime so maybe working like 16-18 hr shifts? Dentistry is over saturated too. Optom really depends if u can open ur own store and have lots of (clients) coming to your store. And well med school.. U prob couldnt get into med or if u could maybe u dont want to do another 6 years of school who knows
  9. Well from what I heard admission decision is based 100% on interview results. If you have really weak grades but did well on the interview congrats u are in! But if you have really strong grades but had a really weak interview then u may not get in. Who knows..
  10. As per usual theres another round of admissions. The only time ur rejected is if u get a rejection letter
  11. Last year, I got rejected 5-10 mins after acceptance emails got sent. Bad memories
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