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  1. Thank you for more awesome info! From what I have heard from my friends in PT and others online, everyone says the corriculum is very packed and challenging, so I was surprised that you said you are studying A LOT less than in undergrad. How is that possible?
  2. WOW! Thank you SO much for your answer. This is a new kind of insight that no one else has really mentioned before and I appreciate it so much!
  3. Thank you so much for your response! Any idea how labs/classes will work this year given the COVID situation?? I've heard a lot about the tight-knit community which is a big reason I am attracted to Western!
  4. My friend who is in MPT at Western said that they don't give residences to graduate students..
  5. Wow awesome insight! Noob question: where do you recommend I look for sublets/rentals? My friend did send me a Facebook page for finding roommates. Anywhere else? Thank you for the encouraging info! The buss pass is AWESOME.
  6. Hey! Thank you for your response. If you are okay with it, I prefer to discuss with you here so that others can benefit from our discussions as well! (: It seems like the placements are somewhat similar in terms of catchment area and being located. What is your experience? Will I really have to bust my butt to a super far city for some of my placements? How easy/difficult is it to get placements outside the catchment area? I would preferably try and do one in Toronto (where I am now), the Queen's one (Western area of the catchment area is less than an hour from where I live), and the McMaster one (the Eastern area is 30-45mins away from where I live.) And how about travelling to school/groceries and rental availibility/prices? The more I think about it the primary thing holding me back from going to Western is the difficult I may face with transportation. The prestigious teaching hospitals U of T is known for are also a factor, but a much smaller one. Thanks again!
  7. Hello all! Congrats to those who got in (or will get in from the waitlist). Those who did not, I wish the best in the future! I got accepted into U of T and Western, and I have been waitlisted for Queen's. I am only considering the two that I got in. I am trying to pick between the two and I have made myself a list for each university and how it would affect me. I currently live in Richmond Hill (just North of Toronto). U of T · Close to home & easier + MUCH cheaper · More emphasis on research (or so I have heard?) (not my biggest area of interest, but I would LOVE to dip my feet into research to see if it is a possible career path. I have always loved teaching, so a PhD could be a great gateway into that.) · Clinical placements will be closer to home and may result in building connections to help with job finding in the future and close to my home · Rent is insanely expensive should I decide that the bus/subway is too much of a hassle and I would like to move out (possibly with my gf) · Well-known teaching hospitals · APPARENTLY a larger focus on hospital physiotherapy (not my biggest interest) · Larger class sizes - I do prefer the smaller sizes that Western offers, as it just seems more family-like and easier to make friends Western · More emphasis on sports/orthopedics and manual therapy (or so I have heard) which are my personal interests (I am not a huge fan of modalities, and strongly believe in manual therapy). Apparently Western has some of the best manual therapists · Large area for placements… I may have to get a car or move again just to be close enough to my placement, which is even more costs (or even double rent) · Groceries may be far, as I have heard there is only a Loblaws nearby which is a 20 min bus ride away · College experience (I went to York and was a commuter, so I never got the dorm experience) Thanks so much in advance for your help, I truly appreciate it! Wishing everyone health and safety in these crazy times!
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