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  1. Hey! I was choosing between UofT Mississauga campus and Western, so my decision was a little different from yours. I didn't love the videoconferencing aspect of UTM, plus the cost of living in Toronto, so that narrowed that one down for me. Between Queen's and Western, I chose Queen's after talking to some students who are currently in the program. They raved about how hands on the program was (when I talked to people from UTM and Western, it seemed to be an aspect that was lacking a little bit and this is how I find I learn best). I also really like the idea of the learning groups at Queen's - you get paired with I think 7 others and basically do everything with them throughout the year, and then you get a new group second year. I also liked the smaller class size of Queen's compared to UofT. It sounds like a really great way to get to know people better. Queen's also does 4 long placements instead of 5 shorter ones which I find more valuable, especially considering these placements may be where you find a job after grad. Overall, I also have heard SO many good things about Kingston (super walkable, lots of green space, beautiful campus). The programs are all so similar and all have some really great pros and cons so it was not an easy decision. I think its good to remember that no matter where you choose, you are going to get a great education and meet some amazing people. Everyone I talked to who's currently in each program raved about it so there's no wrong choice!
  2. I just accepted my offer to Queen's OT so spots should be opening up on the UofT and Western waitlist! Good luck to everyone. Also, does anyone know if there is a Facebook group for Queen's OT?
  3. Has anyone received any sort of login for Queens? I know Western and UofT sent theirs out prior to a decision, but I haven't received anything for Queens.
  4. Hi Everyone, I got accepted into Queen's, Western and UTM this year and I am having a hard time making a decision between the three schools. Right now I'm leaning towards Queen's or Western since the video-conferencing lecture method of UTM doesn't sound super appealing to me. Is anyone else in the same boat of deciding between Queen's and Western and what sort of factors are you considering? I've talked to people in both programs and these are the major pros and cons I've heard for each: Queens: Pros: VERY hands on teaching method and lots of involvement with volunteers from the community who come in and practice with you (i.e you practice interviewing them, listening to their lived experience, conducting home assessments, etc) Huge catchment area and 3 hospitals in Kingston for placements Learning groups - in the same group of around 7 students for all of first year and then a different group second year. the person I talked to raved about this as you get so close with your group Cons: apparently the research opportunities can vary greatly (some were for 2 months whereas other projects lasted the duration of the program, not all students had the opportunity to get published or present at CAOT conference) - not sure if this would be the same across all programs the fourth placement is a community development project and is less clinical than the other three placements - this could also be a pro since its a good experience Western Pros: also has a large catchment area and lots of international opportunities for placements Intensives sound like a really awesome opportunity to study an area of OT more in-depth There are 4 clinical placements and then a community development project as well (this project sounds like its basically gathering resources for an organization) The mentorship class that lasts all program sounds really helpful and valuable Cons: they apparently removed the cadaver lab (not sure if it's coming back this year or not) so that could be a pro or a con depending on how much you like anatomy/how valuable you find this lab Program is more research and theory based and less hands-on London and Kingston both sound like great places to live and the school community at both sounds really supportive and family-like. If you guys have any other insights into these programs please let me know! Also correct me if any of these are wrong, this is just what I've heard from previous students. Additionally, if anyone has any knowledge on the UofT Mississauga campus/program, let me know hope this helps!
  5. I got accepted to UofT Mississauga campus, Queens and Western and I am having a hard time deciding between the three. For those who are accepting these schools, what are your reasons/unique aspects about the schools that you like?
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