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  1. From my experience with OSAP, when you select the program and school, it will say how many months and Im guessing would adjust the $$ accordingly. Try the aid estimator from last year (I don't think this years is up) to see!
  2. I live in Bradford and commuted to downtown Toronto one summer for work. The pros are you save a lot of money!!! However, theres always traffic and it would take me 1-1.5 hours, and if theres bad weather or accidents up til 2 hours. If you take the GO train, you could study on it, I know people that do that now. You would have to transfer on the subway to get to UofT though, and there are often TTC delays. But lots of people do it! I personally found it a living hell, always so much traffic and construction, and in the winter I know bad weather is common. And UofT doesnt really give snow days I wouldve preferred to live by my work, as commuting really drained me and was exhausted in the evenings and wasnt always up for seeing friends, family, etc.
  3. From what Ive heard, UofT's learning style in more traditional, yet Mac does focus on the PBL. Current Mac OT/PT students I know and grads have spoken very highly of the PBL as they find it prepares them for more abstract learning and collaboration, and apparently it has been proven by research to provide excellent learning outcomes. I dont know if this is indeed true, but I wouldn't be surprised if it is, as Mac did invent the MMI. I was originally worried about the PBL and small group learning, but with this term being online I know Mac and Western forsure, and Im sure the other schools also do this, will be utilizing small group sessions via Zoom or whatever platform. Someone pointed out in another forum that Mac may already have a head start to this online learning, as I know that they have placed more focus on online, independent and small group learning more so than other schools way before covid started. At the end of the day, we will all graduate with the same degree and enter the profession, so its important to choose a school where you will enjoy being for 2 years and one that aligns with your personal life and values (advice from many PT grads Ive spoken to recently lol)
  4. What did UofT say? I believe Western will have lectures online/via Zoom and try to do as many labs/clinical classes in person in small groups. From Western's website: "We are also aiming for clinical programs, some undergraduate seminars and labs, and labs for research-based graduate students to be delivered in-person." Since PT/OT are clinical programs, I would assume they are included in this statement?
  5. Congrats! Will you be accepting Dal, and declining any Ontario schools?
  6. Oh yes! Not sure the exact differences, also depends if you want a meal plan, however Im not sure the upper year residences have meal plans.
  7. I think thats the case! But I believe they also allow 1 placement done internationally? I would love to go abroad! As good as the placements sound for UofT, it does extend kinda far and the commutes within the GTA are AWFUL. I would hate to pay rent in Toronto to then be up in Barrie.
  8. I would recommend taking a year off to work, volunteer, gain experience etc, or increase your gpa, which may be challenging in a nursing program.
  9. So in London most people sign leases anywhere from October to March for the following year, and now some programs will be entirely online, and they can't cancel their lease. Or if it is blended, some people may consider to commute just for the few days they need to be on campus. Theres a website called uwo off campus housing that has listings, but many are posted in a facebook group as well. Ive know friends who've found/sublet their places through it! Yes absolutely! Its very easy to find places to live in London Lots of people sublet regardless of covid, or you could find a 12 month lease starting in May! Or if you have placement somewhere else, you can just find somewhere to live there instead of in London all together.
  10. Hi! I did my undergrad at Western and would love to answer any questions! Right now housing is looking really promising, since there are lots of international and OOP students subletting their places for the fall for cheap! Many are doing 4 or 8 month sublets, and the pros to subletting is that if you get a placement elsewhere, you dont need to keep paying rent there! Ive found theres always so many people subletting rooms. There are numerous areas within London close to campus that have grocery stores walking distance, and a bus pass is also included in tuition so its really easy to get around. Housing you can find lots of places walking distance to the PT building, or a short bus ride away! You can find rent between 450-600/month with utilities included. Im not sure about the placements and catchment area, but Western does have a teaching hospital right on campus, and numerous hospitals and private clinics within the city. Theres a rideshare group that you can find rides to/from London with other students, as well as many bus (greyhound) and train options from the gta! I spoke to a friend in the program and she said the profs did an amazing job during the transition online in terms of hosting virtual office hours and spending lots of time connecting with the students! Western is hosting a town hall tomorrow to discuss the plan for the fall, and Ill likely accept my offer after that But it sounds like they are well prepared and motivated to ensure a good online experience for such a hands on program!!
  11. Hi all!! I will be declining my Mac PT offer likely tomorrow, hopefully that frees up a spot on the waitlist! Best of luck Update: Declined my offer on ORPAS today
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