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  1. yes, because the average Canadian CS grad, fresh from school, is getting job offers from top US companies then easily getting a work visa, and def is not fighting for a 60K CAD job in Canada with hundreds of other applicants.../s
  2. nice you know several people in the top <1% of their fields. Comparisons and generalizations like this should not be made when the average person in these fields make no where near an average doctor.
  3. https://nationalpost.com/health/leaked-report-offers-window-into-the-medical-one-percenters-and-growing-concern-over-md-pay-inequity/ This shows that the average derm makes 800K in AB after overhead (1.1 million before overhead), but this includes part-timers, and does not include cosmetics which can be a big chunk of derm money which is why 1M+ after overhead is doable for sure. This, is why derm is the hardest field to match to as you can earn over a million dollars a year with no fellowships, no graduate degrees, work anywhere, and chill hours lol
  4. Agree with all this, but you are downplaying FM/IM salaries. If you work full-time you can easily make 300K+ in FM, and 400K+ in IM both after overhead.
  5. Also, if you guys are trying to compare the top medicine salaries to other fields....derm/plastic surgery/optho all can easily make 1M+ AFTER overhead in some provinces.. PS- that's how much you make in derm working 40hrs a week and can make more if you do cosmetics mostly or exclusively
  6. Also, I agree that HS students are not told the realities of the income potential and average income of many jobs. I think that if HS students knew the realities of these "high paying" jobs like engineering/business/law (and just how much better medicine is in every way) by founding out that if you get into medical school in Canada, you can chill no stress and match to FM...A hardworking FM doctor can easily make 350-400K AFTER overhead in Canada after a relatively chill 2 year residency in which you are actually paid the average starting engineer salary, have a stable, high status, safe job and can work in anywhere in Canada, in a variety of different niches (rural ER, sports med, clinic, urgent care, etc) then medical school applications will be in the tens of thousands at each school lol
  7. Don't forget that in the current climate, even finding a 60K engineering job is no easy feat. I know several under and unemployed engineering graduates.
  8. Law is not a safe bet for making money at all. Many law grads can't even find stable work as the field is saturated. The average lawyer does not even make 6 figures. Again, a very small % of a graduating law class will make it in "big law" and even then the hours are terrible, job security is low, and "partner salary" in a big law firm (something that 99% of law students will never reach) is less than a specialist doctor income.
  9. graduate GPA does not count. Grad applicants are 100% evaluated on their undergrad GPA, just like undergrad applicants.
  10. No one here is trying to put you down. If anything, the above posters are trying for you to see reality so you don't build up false hope. They are trying to help. You need to do another degree to have hope in Canada. After your search you mentioned the following schools: Queen's - you do not have 2 full-time years 3.80+, therefore your chances are 0 here McMaster - even if you get a perfect 100th percentile CARS score, your chances are basically 0 with a 3.1cGPA Memorial - you do not meet the min GPA for OOP, so 0 chances here Dal- you do not meet the min GPA for OOP, so 0 chances here NOSM - you are not from Northern Ontario/remote Canada, so 0 chances here and even if you were your GPA prohibits you As for UBC, you are correct that the min GPA to APPLY is 75%, and if you finished a degree they drop 30 credits, but even with the drop they are not going to forget the multiple sub-par years you have and so your aGPA will be below 80%. And just like the others said, without A LOT of luck, INSANE EC's, and multiple application attempts no one is getting into UBC below 80% good luck
  11. yea, you are correct. I do think that getting into any professional school in Canada is a strong achievement.
  12. I didn't do that. Physio is a great career but equating the difficulty of getting into it as med (which is not true) really undermines those in med/and those struggling to get into med.
  13. The tuition for UofA MD is 13K/year. The tuition for pharmacy is 20K/year at UofT. So, pharmacy is actually 1.5x as expensive as med in some places lol
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