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  1. Hey everyone, Just wanted to share a bit about how I've been feeling. I've been applying to ubc as an in-province applicant for the past 3 years now, straight regrets each time. I have written the MCAT 3 times, from a 507 the first time I applied, to an ineligible 512 (123 cars) last year, to a 517 this past cycle. I have a 90+% average, and my TFR has been ~58 (1st time) to ~54, to ~62 this year (using inspect element). The first year I applied 3 years ago, I knew I bombed the interview. I was young, I didn't know what to expect, and I didn't really have any life experiences at that point. Over these past two years, I've just been living my life, doing things I love to do, hobbies, pursuing work and research outside of school I enjoy, hoping that it will help me in all areas, including helping me become a more suitable candidate for medicine. The second cycle, I got another below average interview score. Very surprising, because I got good feedback from more than half the interviewers. Even though it was unbelievably disappointing, it was okay. I was just going to keep applying, and continue working on becoming a stronger applicant. I knew my ineligible mcat wasn't helping my case, so I redid the MCAT and was fortunate to get a very good score this time around. This past year, I have been an active member of toastmasters and another speaking course to improve my speaking, thinking that it would help me as a speaker, and at the interview too. One of the best decisions I've honestly made. I really thought this would be the year. The interview wasn't perfect, but it wasn't bad by any means. I felt confident, relaxed, not nervous at all. I felt like I could relate a personal story to many of the questions. When d-day came along on the 13th, I really didn't expect another rejection. Another below average interview, another disappointment. I don't really know how to improve at this point, but I will keep trying. I felt like I had to get this off my chest. It's been a very frustrating 3 application cycles, but I'll keep applying. I know there are so many other applicants who are also feeling this same frustration, but if you're reading this, don't give up. I know several people who were accepted this year after 3 or 4 application cycles and I'm so proud of them. We'll all get there eventually if we want it, whether it's medicine or another career path. Just continue to work hard, but don't forget to enjoy life. <3
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