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  1. Title says it all! I’m gonna try my best to get my R score into the 35s because I feel like that’s what it takes to at least have a chance.
  2. I'm going into my second year of CEGEP this fall and I'm afraid my R-score is pretty low, hence why I want to focus on my ECs. What are some recommendations or suggestions for good ECs I could do from now until applications start? Preferably things I can do from home, because I'm living with someone vulnerable to Covid. I'm also considering starting to carefully go out soon so any suggestion is helpful. Thank you in advance!
  3. As you may know, the R-score will not be calculated this semester (winter 2020) for cegep students, due to covid. However, every grade will still be visible along with the average. I was wondering if McGill would still look at these grades when considering a Med-P application? I wast just wondering if mediocre/slightly below average grades would negatively impact my chances or if it wouldn't change anything. Should I consider asking McGill's admissions department?
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