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  1. When I asked Joanna a question similar to this she said that they recieved my acceptance offer and that they will be touching base about starting the program at the beginning of July. Hope that helps!
  2. Anybody looking for a roommate that's going to Western for PT? PM me if you are interested!
  3. Just got off the waitlist for Western PT (and will be accepting) so I will be dropping my placement in the Queens PT waitlist! Hope this helps one of you, all the best!
  4. Hey everybody! Just got off the waitlist for Western PT!!! I'm literally jumping off the walls and will be accepting! I was also on the waitlist for Queens PT so this might bump up some people.
  5. Congrats! I'm getting super anxious/excited hearing western and queens pt waitlists are getting contacted! Hopefully I get one to, I'm on the western waitlist (upper third) and queens waitlist, fingers crossed!
  6. That's amazing news! You must be very happy (I know I would). Did they mention any details on your place on the waitlist or anything like that?
  7. Good thread idea! I'm on the waitlist too, hopefully we get some news soon. I've been pretty anxious ever since June 1st.
  8. That's very interesting, that means about 80 people were on the mcmaster info session. But doesn't the mcmaster program only have 65 available spaces for PT? I'm guessing staff take up a decent portion of the 80 people.
  9. Could you tell how many people attended the zoom meeting? Currently on waitlist and wanna see how many people chose Queens PT, even tho I'm sure the zoom attendance isn't the best indicator of that I'd still like to know.
  10. Bless you, I'm on the Western (upper third) and Queens waitlist! Have fun at Dal and congrats!
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