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  1. Oo nice. I'm going to check that out now- thank you!
  2. Okay, so they are separate! Good to know. I'll look into the online BHSc. Is it possible to be living in Toronto during the BHSc degree as its fully online?
  3. Very interesting. One thing I'm curious about is that the website does call it a degree in "Life Sciences", versus health sciences. Seems like it was previously marketed as a Health sciences degree based on older media I've seen. Also, a lot of the course codes have been renamed. This degree is very science heavy. Is it possible that its changed since you were representing it?
  4. Yeah that's a good point. My aim is 100% toronto but I can keep an open mind. Regarding my business, yeah I will be willing to pass it on once I hit med school. Its efficiently run though, so I foresee myself still running during undergrad.
  5. Thank you for your response. I just emailed u of t... I live in toronto and run a business in the fitness industry ( I keep it functional, not gimmicky or instagram model type). Online learning really makes the most sense for me until it comes time to jump into med school. I really hope Toronto is open to it. I train a few doctors who took the program, which really helped to solidify my need to challenge my career depth and impact as a 'helping or service' professional.
  6. @hbmed Did you take the online life sciences degree?
  7. Queen's Online Bachelor Of Science / Life Science Degree. I hear differing opinions. Some say that online structure is not favourable, and others say it holds exactly the same weight. I am highly self motivated and run a business, so I would like to do my learning online, given I am not ousted the potential to apply to med school. Does anyone have experience with this program who can provide some additional remarks on whether TAs are marking honestly? Additional experience or advice? Thanks, Cassandra
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