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  1. I know someone who got in off the Dal PT waitlist around the end of July. But other than that I haven't heard of any other movement.
  2. Nothing for me. Do you know which half of the waitlist you're on? When I asked, they said I was on the bottom half of the NS waitlist. I'd love to know how long the list is, but they couldn't tell me that.
  3. My sub-gpa was around 3.6 I believe, and I felt like I did fairly OK on the CASPer test this year. I'm confident my CASPer result was better this year than when I applied for Dal last year
  4. I'm in the bottom half of the Dal PT waitlist (From NS). When I asked admissions, they wouldn't tell me how big the NS waitlist was. Does anyone else on the Dal PT waitlist know where they stand or if you've received an offer yet? Trying to get an idea of how much the waitlist might move.
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