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  1. I was looking though the preliminary paperwork for med student LoCs and there doesn't seem to be a clause that ensures you stay exclusively with a single bank. So whats stopping someone from opening up and having access to multiple student LoCs at the same time to have access to the whole assortment of perks and credit cards?
  2. Ahh I see... Is pediatric cardiology an academic career path? I wasn't able to find a practicing pediatric cardiologist in my city, they were all researchers associated with the university. Also I see that you are a Pediatric resident. If you don't mind me asking how do you find the residency so far?
  3. This might be a dumb question but does it matter which stream you enter into cardiology from? Would you specifically be considered as a pediatric cardiologist if you enter from Peds or would you just be a regular cardiologist? Also can someone comment on the job prospects for a Cardiologists in Canada? I know a lot of other competitive specialities have extremely desolate job markets, I was wondering if Cardiology was in the same boat.
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