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  1. For those who are admitted and are registering courses, does anyone know what are the differences between each standard time table?
  2. Anyone has experience to share other than working retail, like pharma industry or consulting? I feel like people who do pharmacy are underused in skills and overused in soul in retail. It would be nice to know some possible career paths.
  3. Got my offer at 14:52 PST today! All the best to those who are still waiting! I personally think they are sending out offers in small batches because they need more time to go through all the interview clips, so don’t lose hope and don’t feel you are waitlisted for now.
  4. I wish they could create a blog like the MD admission... The wait is killing me
  5. Why is this year’s acceptance deadline so late... last year I believe they were given about a week
  6. Just curious, are they sending out most of the offers today? Has anyone received a rejection letter yet? For those of you who got an offer, what time did you receive it?
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