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  1. I definitely agree. Looking at past years, more people seem to post their acceptance on the forum so it is strange. For your sake, I hope they’re sending out fewer offers over an expanded period of time (I don’t know why they would do that though!). Last cycle my friend literally found out on July 22nd that she was accepted so don’t lose hope!
  2. Hey! I'm new and made an account just for this haha. I was IP waitlisted. I recieved my acceptance offer on May 28th and had until June 1st to accept it (which I did being an Edmontonian). My waitlisted letter was 99-and a low number (below 50 low!!!), so don't lose hope if your stats don't coincide with any theories! My acceptance document was also created on May 28th. I know how stressful it is being on the waitlist, but don't lose hope. More offers are coming! I hope to see you all in the fall PS: Also, WHEN you all get accepted, make sure you have a passport photo (or professional photo) handy because they ask for it (to be your medical student ID photo etc.) as a step in accepting the offer. Just an FYI!
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