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  1. I mean if a video put out by the admissions office says something happens I would imagine its true. I doubt they would be asking to work through extra emails if it didn't have a purpose.
  2. OOP 522 4.34/4.5 No Rural/Academic A couple socioeconomic
  3. Their website definitely hints at it being used only as a cutoff. I can't imagine the school that uses GPA and MCAT as cutoffs only would go and use the CASPer competitively, but I don't know anything for sure. I could see them relaxing the GPA/MCAT requirements so that its still the same number of people that pass the "cutoffs". The only other option I see is to take the 2000 people that pass academic cutoffs, and then remove the bottom x% so that there is less work for the admissions office.
  4. UofT doesn't look at GPA in years, just on a per credit basis. They don't calculate it like your example. If year 1 was 5 credits, year 2 5 credits and F19 was 2.5 credits the calculation would be: [(3.98)(5)+(3.99)(5)+(3.78)(2.5)]/12.5
  5. Is there any chance you input a wrong AAMC ID into your application?
  6. What is this letter for exactly? I am a grad student and I haven't heard anything about this.
  7. IP UofM is one of the easier schools to get in to with about 25% of Manitoba applicants getting accepted. If you have decent stats it shouldn't take you more than a couple of application cycles to get in. They also post their average accepted stats on their website so you can see how you compare.
  8. Oh perfect, thanks for your help. Congratulations on matriculating as well!
  9. Does anyone have an estimate for how many applicants pass the Academic section of the application review and get their aABS read? I guess I'm just curious how big a group the ~450 interviewees are taken from. Thanks in advance.
  10. If your school is still processing transcript requests then I would send it out soon. I sent the request for mine a couple of weeks ago.
  11. Calgary recently changed their GPA calculation options for students with a graduated degree. You can only use those marks if you have at least 18 credits worth of graduate courses that have an alphanumerical grade attached to them. If you have less than this, you can still input the grades, but it won't use those marks for GPA calculation purposes. More information can be found in their applicant document.
  12. I input my grades and got UCAN to calculate my GPA last night. However, once I logged in to the application this morning the transcript section was gone from the sidebar. Is this normal?
  13. Is anyone willing to post their score breakdown? I'm a future applicant, and I'm curious how many points certain GPA levels and MCAT scores are worth. Thanks in advance.
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