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  1. I feel like there isn't much discussed about specializations in dentistry- competitiveness of these programs, salaries, lifestyle, etc on these forums. I start dental school in the fall and want to know more about the different specialties in dentistry. Right now I am leaning towards OFMS, orthodontics and periodontics (obv this may change in the future). I read somewhere that there are only 30 orthodontic positions across Canada which seems very low, and that only about 5 Canadian students match with orthodontics in America (can someone confirm this?). Does anyone know anything about the earnings in Canada of dental specialities? I know that earnings are determined by location and your patient base. If you are a practicing dentist, it would be awesome if you mention where you practice and if you have a low-avg-high patient base. From my research, associate dentists can make 140k-180k a year, some even making 200k+ if they're lucky. Is this true? Also, if you are a general dentist owning your own practice, does earning 300k+/yr sound realistic? I had to make a decision bw medicine and dentistry a couple years ago and chose dentistry mostly bc of the lifestyle and opportunity to make a lot of money as a business owner (not to mention the ability to help ppl in the health care system which both paths accomplish). I'm not only in it for the money, but you'd be lying to yourself if you didn't choose this career for the potential to make big bucks. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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