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  1. Thanks for the insights. The money is tight these days, but if I can I will try to apply to as much as possible. (Probably prioritize UofT and Queens) Hope you are having a good day!
  2. Hi everyone, Graduate applicant (finishing PhD) here from Ontario (Toronto). With UofT recent change to wGPA, I'm not sure how competitive I am anymore. Tbh, I'm not too sure about other schools in Ontario either. Would like to hear what y'all think. wGPA: UofT 3.89, Queen's 3.86, Ottawa 3.85, Western 3.86, Mac 3.81 MCAT (CP/CARS/BB/PS): 128/126/132/132 ECs: CIHR PHD scholarship, 2 first-author papers, 4 co-author papers (2nd), peer support line volunteer (1 yr), graduate student life committees (4 yrs), graduate student society exec (2 yrs), undergraduate leadership positions (2 years, various), musician (multiple instruments), some other things, mostly research, lots of TAships (5+ over 4 years).
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