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  1. The class is full email will probably go out this week or the next (based off past years). Best to look onwards to next year at this point
  2. I don't think it would be such an unprecedented thing. It would be akin to an additional day or two of medical interview sessions if the auto interviews add another 50 or so people to next years pool. Of course, I would personally prefer this didn't happen since I'll be interviewing, but I would hope everything is fair for the next round of applicants too. I'm curious what the statistics are on interviewing again across medical schools. You bring up a good point that the vast majority of people probably would have gotten interviews again regardless. Still, given Mac took a rather big action with the lottery this year, I'm curious if that'll bleed over into next year and they'll do something unconventional to tie up any "loose ends" with covid.
  3. It at least gives us a sense of how many "extra" interviewers there will be next year. We still have yet to see whether McMaster will reduce the amount of new interviewers they accept from next years pool so that we still get ~500-600 people or not. 24 votes in 1 day just from premed101 seems pretty high, if they take the usual amount of premeds next year then we might have 700+ people competing for the same amount of spots. So either next years applicants will have a harder time getting an interview if they want to keep the 500-600 number, or next years interviews will be even more competitive than usual since there will be more people.
  4. Unfortunately this was the only information they were willing to disclose, but judging from previous years it's no longer strictly week to week.
  5. Here's hoping there's some good movement this week. Contacted admissions and they said waitlist is still moving so it isn't over yet!
  6. I really hope that number 3 is the case too, even though the uncertainty is aggravating, a small (maybe silly) part of me won't let go of hope haha.
  7. I think either 2 things happened: 1) they sent out far more initial offers than usual to compensate for all the uncertainties 2) Because 100+ offers were lottery rather than a rank list, many of the people who got offered a position didn't have any other waitlists/offers (either in wave 1 or 2). I don't mean this at all out of disrespect as I know that all interview candidates would make excellent doctors, but most likely the people at the top of the waitlist movements in past years probably had more options than those in the lower regions (hence more waitlist movement). I know it's possible that a lot of people just aren't posting on premed, but I just personally doubt it. More people are on their online devices due to covid and this year had an abnormally low response rate.
  8. Congratulations! It's nice to see that your premed journey had a happy ending
  9. Just out of curiosity, do you say this from knowledge of previous years or did you or someone you know get in today? Either way, thanks for the update!
  10. Which is weird because I would think more people inside due to covid would mean more people would be active on here. Looking at the Ottawa thread, the waitlist movement is very high there right now.
  11. I've been following this thread for a long time and I'm lowkey rooting for OP to get in lol. I'm in the same situation with Mac and Queens waitlists, but the OP prophecy has to live on, and OP has both waitlist threads on lock.
  12. Still no news? Waitlist movement went into mid-late June last year but the lack of posts is concerning!
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