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  1. Hey! I was accepted here too. PM me if you’d like. Do you have any idea where to look for roommates or housing?
  2. Hiii everyone, this is my message for future applicants to not to lose hope at this point!!! It may seem like it’s late in the game, and I had lost all hope by July... but I finally received an email off of the waitlist a few days ago. My ranking was not disclosed. I applied to McMaster, UofT, and Queens (all OT). Accepted: UofT (off the waitlist on July 15th) Waitlisted: Queens, UofT Rejected: McMaster Sub-GPA: 3.71/4.00 (according to ORPAS) c-GPA: 3.21/4.00 My gpa was clearly not the strongest, but I made my best attempt at making up for that with my experience + references ... - Worked with a childcare company 4+ years with children of both typical development and those with disabilities - Volunteered with an adult day program for 100+ hours (my supervisor was my professional reference) - My academic reference was a professor who I became close with over the semester and I did very well in her classes (I had her for 2 in fall semester) - I am a strong writer and demonstrated this in my application letters - My weakest points in my application were probably my lack of clinical research experience (I didn’t do a practicum course) + I lacked direct experience related to OT (like being rehab assistant) Hope this helps. Best of luck you incredible people!!!
  3. I’ve been waitlisted at Queens OT program. I’m just wondering how the waitlist works? As people decline their offers and the waitlist moves, do the people next in line immediately receive notice of this from ORPAS? Or will everyone on the waitlist be on hold until it’s all released all at once? Just super confused about this. Thanks in advance!
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