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  1. @hopefullyme Yeah i sent them an email too but i guess they might not be checking emails much? Hopefully they do, it seems kinda weird to cut out a months worth of MCAT test takers especially since the AAMC will give grades back in 2 weeks instead of 4 now
  2. Hey guys! Super quick question, does anyone else know if UBC will be extending the MCAT grade deadline to accommodate Sep. 28th dates?
  3. Hey guys! Just wanted to know if i can get some feedback on what my chances are like applying to schools in canada 4 year completed B.Sc UofT: cGPA 3.51, OMSAS 3.47 i think? Resident of BC (family lives there and im from there) but im not exactly sure whether id be IP for ontario or BC Year 1 (3.05), year 2 (3.41), year 3 (3.73), year 4 (3.62) OMSAS ECs: super diverse i think, NGOs, board positions, tutoring, piano etc. Publications: 1x abstract published and conference in shanghai, primary author thesis in publication review currently, second paper as secondary author will be publishing soon MCAT: will be doing sep. 28th I appreciate the help guys!
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