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  1. oh boy your dense, please re-read what i said and check admission stats. you are spreading misinformation about matriculation chances and full-time. admission statistics speak for themselves if pools ~25% matriculated have below the mentioned gpa bracket. i know you prob have this internalized "A+ or nothing" mentality your parent drilled in your head but that's not the reality. please be factual for example, here is some proof why you are wrong and misinforming everyone. here is why you are wrong: queens -> does NOT need fulltime https://meds.queensu.ca/academics/undergraduate/prospective-students/frequently-asked-questions - FAQ #3 McMaster -> still viable Memorial -> does not have a min GPA requirement https://www.med.mun.ca/getdoc/8d3fdfc3-5293-47e8-988f-cabf6e899f07/Academics-MCAT.aspx Dal -> already corrected this in prior post NOSM -> still viable ubc -> i already said which bracket i am in the last post with agpa nd theres ~30% matriculation for that bracket https://mdprogram.med.ubc.ca/admissions/admissions-statistics/ i mentioned the schools as viability, not to say "you can get in with equal chances". if you want to interpret it as i am being overly optimistic, be my guest, but i made it clear earlier the point of my post also, one quick glance at your post history shows how cynical you are as a person, so you're not fooling anybody by claiming benevolence, but i suppose its my fault too for feeding the troll
  2. It appears you're right about Dal. I am eligible for IP for both Ontario and BC. Ah, I'm a noob on premed, so I'm not really used to all this cynicism yet. You and others can see it as finding a loophole, frustrated that "those who didn't work as hard" are trying to get through the same golden gates... whereas others may see it as a shimmer of hope given unfortunate circumstance that affected their undergraduate performance. Bon chance The point I was trying to make in this thread still stands: you stand a chance with a decent gpa, provided ECs and MCATs strengthen out the rest. If you're like me in the 80-85% (or 3.8~3.85 bracket), know that the schools I listed have about ~25% matriculated students that have that GPA or less.
  3. Just want to update this post after doing some research (Since it was difficult for me to find past posts like these on student doctor, **DELETED**, etc.,): You do not need an amazing GPA or full course load to get in. For those in a similar situation to myself, the following schools seem to be viable: Queens, UBC, McMaster, Memorial, DAL, and NOMS. I recommend you see for yourself stats on their MD admissions page OR check the accepted/rejected/waitlist threads found in every dedicated forum for each school. For your convenience, here are two statistic pages offered by the schools I listed above: McMaster stats: https://mdprogram.mcmaster.ca/md-program-admissions/how-we-select UBC stats: https://mdprogram.med.ubc.ca/admissions/admissions-statistics/ No doubt GPA is king and plays an influence, but it does not completely cripple you from your dreams.
  4. Hi everyone, I see that about ~30% of students matriculated are at least within this bracket. I am wondering if anyone here who has been matriculated cares to share their stats? I have a hypothesis that this "relatively low" GPA is made up for by a very strong MCAT score and impressive ECs. I really wish UBC would provide statistics for the average MCAT scores for each bracket. They provide an overall average, so it may be the case that 4.0s are scoring at the 80-90 percentiles for MCAT, and the 3.8s are scoring at the 90+ percentiles to level their competitivteness. Thanks!
  5. Can I count my past application 'donations' as contributing the community?
  6. Hi sorry for the bump. Do you know other schools that will look at two-year, second undergraduate degrees as equals to one's four-year, first undergraduate degree? Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the info on Manitoba. Is this accurate? UBC - I am a BC resident; AGPA is 75% for us Queens - Am I technically permissible to apply? Other med schools have a matriculated class with a 2-5% demographic for my cGPA bracket Mac - Am I technically permissible to apply? Same as above Manitoba - Seems I am not technically eligible What is a strong example of ECs? To add to the eligibility list: Am I correct in that I am eligible for NOMS and Memorial?
  8. Updated July 15th: This post is provide succinct information for those in similar shoes (5+ year degree, low cGPA) who are consider medical schools in Canada. I made this post because there is a lack of information for people with my stats who are interested in if they can apply for schools without completing a second undergraduate degree. If you have similar stats to me, you are not eligible to apply to schools that require high cGPAs, full course loads, or science pre-reqs. However, you are eligible to apply for (depending on your residency status) the following schools: Queens, McMaster, Memorial, NOSM, and UBC. Keep in mind that although you may be technical permissible to apply to these schools, however, some will look only at your cGPA (e.g., McMaster and possibly Mem. and NOSM), whereas others look at wGPA or aGPA calculations.
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