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  1. I got the email a couple weeks ago and thank you for the assurance.
  2. Hi All, Do you think the CASPer result will predict interview performance? Unfortunately I did not meet the CASPer cutoff for Dalhousie OOP. This got me really concerned. I am a slow typer and tend to have typos when I try to speed up
  3. That is very interesting, thanks for your reply Dr.Otter. When did you come to Canada btw? And you are absolutely right, CARS and CASPer are the biggest hurdles for me at least.
  4. Thanks for your comment! That’s surprising. When did you immigrate to Canada if you don’t mind me asking? I moved here when I was 18 for university and I feel you for CARS. I didn’t do well on cars despite months of practice and sometimes I get questions wrong solely because of a word I don’t know in the question stem sadly.
  5. I tried to find data online but was unable to find anything. I am wondering if anyone/current student could let me know roughly what percentage of students in Canadian medical schools (excluding French schools) are not native English speakers? thank you!
  6. Fair enough, I am glad that you made an informed decision. I wish you all the best with your studies
  7. Not totally relevant to what you are asking. But if I may offer some advice, do not go to u of t for undergrad unless you are willing to risk your GPA. I am saying this as an u of t graduate with 98%ile MCAT and a shit GPA to med school standard. I only realized this after I finished so I thought I would let you know before someone tells you “ no one forced you to attend U of T in 4 years from now.
  8. Thank you so much for your input. I know that the chances of UBC changing their admission policy in response to my post, is slim, but I still wanted to speak up, rather than staying silent. It’s more of a systemic issue in my opinion, that I really hope the schools could address in the future. Easier for me to say for sure, but I am still hopeful that UBC can see this and somehow improve the process to make it more fair. One day maybe.
  9. Hey, thank you for your input. As I mentioned in my original post, I fully acknowledge the complexity of the issue and the fact that there probably won't be a perfect solution that is going to be 100% fair for everyone. However, just because there is no perfect solution does not mean we should stop trying to find a better solution. I do not expect the system to be perfect, but I do wanna speak up for people like me, and i think there is room for improvement. In fact, pretty much all of the "difficult courses" you mentioned were part of my degree requirement, and I did not have a choice (which I assume you did) but taking them.
  10. Thank you, this is something that I wanted to say but too scared to, as it is commonly interpreted as finding excuses for bad grades. I really wish the schools could make changes to address the issue so that students could ACTUALLY study whatever and wherever they want, as the schools all presently claim.
  11. I agree with you. Tho I would argue that both the instructor and the university are factors that could make a difference from my personal experience.
  12. Thank you zxcccxz. That is exactly what I meant to ask. I heard the same thing from a couple friends that did manage to get into med school that it was actually easier than undergrad. Tho I often get frustrated for making "bad choices", especially since AQ score is automatically calculated at UBC. Thank you for the assurance. I will keep trying until it works out!
  13. Hi DrOtter, I work in BC and I am a BC resident. I thought USask had a 95 percentile OOP cutoff for CARS? I have a 126 in CARS (being ESL sucks), so I am not sure if I will be eligible. I see your point, thank you for your suggestions!
  14. I am not trying to defend my choice to attend UofT, but I would like to point out a couple things that you might not have experienced unless you are an international student. - Before coming to Canada, I did not have a lot of resources to fully evaluate the potential difficulty of all the programs in Toronto. It is a privilege to have access to such resources. Many foreign sites were banned in my home country for example. If I had access to PM101 back when I was in high school, I would probably not have attended UofT. -This might sound silly, but as an international student, my annual tuition was like 50k, combined with the fact that I mentioned above, I chose U of T because it was supposed to offer the best possible education as compared to other schools in the area. Tho this is not necessarily true, but it is the conclusion that I came to with the limited resources I had access to at the time. - I was not sure if I wanted to go to medical school till my second year, by then the damage has already been done. GPA in my first 2 years were much lower than my junior and senior year. Now you could argue that I could have transferred after my first year. I did not, so it is partially my "fault" I agree.
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