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  1. haha i agree. i found the etsy dpcument rly helpful and it was only 10$ but the feedback desks i used more to calm my nerves but i hoenslty dont think it made that much of a difference, just destressed me!!
  2. hello! A bunch of people have been asking me questions about how I prepared for casper so these are the resources I used: 1) **DELETED** casper book 2) "CASPer Test and CV Guide for Med School Applicants" - a guide that I found on etsy 3) MED-Coach Canada (I met with a med coach over zoom and I was given a few tips!!) and then I payed for their simulation with feedback (I did this 3x) 4) I compiled a word document with all the questions I could find on google and youtube and answered them 5) I practiced my typing speed using typing websites (google "typing games" and a bunch of different options will come up!!) contact me if you have any other questions.
  3. Hi!! I also got into all 4 med schools in quebec with a pretty low R score. I basically sued the same resources as u: The **DELETED** casper book, i payed for two practice tests on MedCoach (a website), i read a medical ethics book called doing right but what helped me most what i compiled a relaly large word coument with all my personal stories that i was planning on using for eprsonal questions and all the casper questions i ever anwsered were on this document. i would re read the document soimetimes before bed and by the end it was over 70 pages but really useful. I also got this document on etsy by Med Coach called CASPer Test and CV Guide for Med School Applicants which was REALLY helpful. Let me know if u guys have more questions! My R score was 35.5. Also go on the CanMed website and look and their values that they seek in healthcare professionals.
  4. hi!! im entering med next year, and i was wondering how electives work?? Ik you choose them in 3 and 4 year but how many electives do you have around? do you get to try many fields?
  5. Hi! I was wondering how can you apply for a research job as a cegep student. Most of my friends who have jobs in labs have contacts but I don't have any.
  6. if you do medical school and residency in canada, do you still need to take USMLE 1/2 to practice in the states?
  7. I was just admitted to medical school in canada. I was wondering how does matching work? how do you get research/build your cv? I know i have a long way to go but for the past 10+ years ive wanted to go into ortho. How do i start building my cv accordingly to improve my chances at matching?
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