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  1. Hi everyone, I have started a petition to hopefully make the admissions committee at Western reconsider the decision to completely disregard the Winter 2020 term marks. I understand COVID-19 was a very difficult time for everyone, however, most of the semester was completed when the pandemic hit. I sympathize for those who did not have the option to complete classes and could only receive pass/fail credits for classes, however I do not believe for those who completed classes, final exams and received final letter/numerical grades should not be allowed to use those marks as part of that years GPA calculation. I am suggesting in this petition rather that there be an option for students where they can choose to include both the Winter 2020 marks along with the Fall 2019 marks, or if they feel COVID-19 negatively impacted their second semester grades then to only use the Fall 2019 marks. I think the most fair option would not to disregard all of the Winter 2020 marks, but to rather allow students an option to include them or not based on how the pandemic affected their education and final exams/projects. Please let me know how you are feeling with the admissions changes - I would really like to hear everyone's thoughts. Furthermore, if you feel the same way I do please sign this petition and share it. I'm hoping if we get enough support we can gain the attention of the admissions office! Link to the petition below... Thanks for reading. http://chng.it/4zkSpffB
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