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  1. Hi, I just completed my 2nd year in biochem in ON and have a few questions about medical school applications and preparing for that. 1. As someone with somewhat of a science background, which prep books are the best to prepare for the MCAT ? I am leaning towards ExamKrackers but I've read about how it's riddled in errors. 2. Are MCAT prep books useful for CARS prep ? If so which ones did you find useful ? 3. To preface, unfortunately as someone will minimal ECs after high school (2 long term activities and 3 short term jobs), I know it's going to extremely hamper my chances of getting into medical school. It's been quiet demotivating applying to multiple executive positions at uni and being consistently rejected. I also feel like my volunteer experiences are more of me just helping out where I can and I haven't really had the opportunity to display any leadership (which I have read medical schools look into). To get into my actual question, up to when do medical schools look into volunteer experience, if I choose to apply in fourth year ? Do they only look at everything till 3rd year as you apply for med school in the fourth or do volunteer experiences in fourth year count ? Insight is greatly appreciated.
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