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  1. Personally for me, I had a rough first 2 years of my undergrad and it was a struggle to look at Canadian Dental schools that fit my application, especially with how each cycle had such high competition, with my GPA being not so stellar. It was tough to find a program that fit, but as a BC resident, when I looked at UBC and saw the cost was 240k (from their website), I definitely started to consider OOC as I was really happy with my DAT scores. With the reciprocal agreement in place and a really high ranking for AUS schools and how hands-on many of them seem, it was not a bad option but if you have the stats and ability to get into Canadian schools, it's a much more simple option tbh
  2. This is from the USyd Admissions Guide: “Offers will be made in sequence commencing with the applicant with the highest ranked score. Should it arise that applicants are ranked equally, the University reserves the right to use an additional selection tool, such as an interview or Situational Judgement Test (SJT). The University will give these applicants due notice of any additional requirements. If further separation is required, the applicants' GPA at the time of application may be used, at the discretion of the University.” so they’ll rank by DAT score, then use interviews to break those ties, then if needed AFTER that, they will consider GPA to break a tie further!
  3. Hey! Based on OzTREKK, the dental admission officer who has helped with my application this year, Sydney is not rolling, so they hold onto everything until the deadline at the end of July and then assess all the applications they've received. They've also cancelled interviews this year, so instead of their usual process which is 50% DAT/ 50% interview, they've now made it 100% DAT based, where they make a single list from all applicants, rank them from highest to lowest DAT (or equivalent exam) scores, and then ONLY do interviews if they have to break ties between equally ranked students where only one can receive an offer. Hope that helps! Happy to clear up anything else I know
  4. Hey guys, Canadian applying to Australian Dental schools this cycle! Would love to join a discord/FB page if that comes up! Good luck to you all :)
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