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  1. Got my acceptance on June 18th (Thursday) IP student from UofC with a BSc in Bio Prereq GPA: 3.4 (did most of the prereqs in my first two years) OGPA: 3.6 (don't ask about the first two years lol) Last 2 years GPA: 3.9 LOI: Wrote about what made me what to go into the profession and I supported that by talking about my experiences (mainly through volunteering). Extracurriculars: had a part time retail job throughout university and volunteer at various places that I care about. I volunteer at a hospital (for 5 years), the food bank (for 3 years), and at a nursing home (for 4 years). For my hobbies, I talked about what I actually like to do and what I do in my spare time such as sports and music. Interview: the interview went well and I felt that the pre-recorded format is easier because there is no one watching you directly, so there's less pressure. I made sure to speak clearly and hit all the main points within the time allotted. I can't wait to meet all of you in the fall! For everyone still waiting, good luck!
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