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  1. Do would think that uOttawa PT is already full? I mean they probably got all students they needed from the waitlist since most provisional acceptance turned firm. Is it possible that there are still movement on the waitlist or that’s it?
  2. Thank you. I will send them an email just to be sure.
  3. I applied to a second undergrad degree (and got in) and I was wondering if I would be removed from the waiting list of Ottawa-PT if I accept the undergrad degree now. Thanks!
  4. I am happy for them! Must be such a relief because uottawa doesn't share any information or updates with us. Right now, I could be in this week or wait until August and not even make it. It's difficult planning anything... but it is what it is. Edit: Was it a direct email or did their status change on Uozone or Orpas?
  5. Would you mind sharing the date when that person got off the waitlist? Also, was it a direct email or did their status change on Uozone or Orpas? Thanks, It's appreciated.
  6. Hello, Me and a friend are on the Uottawa waiting list for PT since May 29th. I was wondering if anyone was admitted after being on the waiting list. I am aware that some universities send more admission offers than seats and maybe the program is already full/complete. Anyone heard back from them? Thanks.
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