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  1. Best of luck! Please keep me updated when you hear back and get off the waitlist! I will too. Hoping we both get in and get to meet each other in class next year @aliOT
  2. Ouhh!! I'm wondering if I should ask them as well. I didn't know we can ask! Did you email them on profmasters2.spot@mcgill.ca or did you write to them from the UApply portal? I also saw that you applied to PT QY @aliOT, have you heard back yet? Is OT your first choice over PT? I only applied to OT this year so I hope we get in to our first choice programs!
  3. Sorry for the delay, I only saw your message now. No I don't think there is a way to know what spot we are on the waitlist. It's been a few weeks, have you heard anything back yet @aliOT? Still no news on my end. It's killing me too!
  4. I just got on the waitlist for McGill QY OT on Friday (June 19). I've heard from previous years that the waitlist does move. Fingers crossed that that's the case this year as well and we get in!
  5. I just got on the waitlist on Friday as well. I will keep the thread updated if I get off of it. Best of luck, I hope we both get in!
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