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  1. I would much rather have a month to prepare :/
  2. Going to hot yoga tonight to destress from this
  3. Has anyone that emailed/called last week gotten a response?
  4. Has anyones MCAT still not been verified? I have sent mine twice from the AAMC website and it still isn't verified on part 2. I'm OOP so idk if that makes a difference. Any help is appreciated!
  5. Sorry unrelated but is first successive year winter 2020/fall 2019? I was under the impression 3rd successive year meant 3rd year of study.
  6. Hey everyone, I am so sorry that this is such a stupid question. For part 1 of the application, it asks you to write your mcat date if you haven't taken the test yet, would you just put it next to the one box at the top where the required field is or do you actually have to put an entry in with your date and the test and then not put a score ?? I'm just confused on how they receive your mcat scores if they don't ask for an AAMC ID or anything for part 1 :/ if anyone knows that would be super helpful
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