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  1. They usually come out some time anywhere from 12 - 3 but ya I don't think it's today bc I'm sure at least one person would've gotten one by now. I'm also thinking maybe Thursday or Friday
  2. When did you get that CASPer cutoff e-mail from Dalhousie? And to answer your question, no. CASPer has a really strict format and a massive time constraint. The biggest thing about MMIs is that they are assessing oral communication whereas CASPer doesn't. MMIs involve actually talking to someone, not frantically typing on a keyboard to answer 3 open-ended questions in under 5 mins. As long as you're comfortable talking to interviewers and ready to discuss anything they might throw at you, I wouldn't let your CASPer score be of concern with respect to the MMI or a regular panel interview.
  3. Alright my boss is gonna kill me for getting nothing done today, time to do 7 hours worth of work in 2 hours. I'll see y'all Monday morning
  4. I hope that’s bc they were busy finalizing invites to send them out today...god everyone on this thread including me is so neurotic LOL
  5. That’s what I think, it’s just pure speculation that it might come out today...if I was certain that they’d be coming out today I’d be much more anxious lol
  6. Has anyone called them this week? Pretty sure if people in last years called and asked they told them if invites came out this week or not
  7. I think they all come out around the same time...last year an OOP got an invite around 12:30 but the invites kept rolling out for another hour or two
  8. I think it's completely random! Wouldn't look into it too much, as long as you had everything in by the deadline and met cutoffs you should be ok
  9. I think only IP applicants had 3a/3b show up, haven't heard of any OOP applicants who had it. Regardless, not sure what it means though
  10. Some of my verifiers have been contacted already so they've definitely started
  11. Invites came out on the 18th the past 2 years so my bet would definitely be Monday!
  12. I'm OOP and I have absolutely no clue what to expect! At least we only have to wait a few more days (I'm assuming)
  13. Nope, 125 has always been the hard cutoff unfortunately. CARS used to be way higher actually, like absurdly high and it was only last year that it was a little lower at 127. But SWOMEN/ACCESS is always a hard cutoff at 125
  14. Ahhh ok, I'm a Western student so I can already see my application in my student centre there. Guess I'll wait on Queen's then!
  15. Do we get student centre accounts at the individual universities we applied to? Like how when applying for undergrad you get sent links from each uni to set up your student centre Or do they just strictly keep communication through the OMSAS portal & e-mail?
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