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  1. It feels like it's never going to come out lol
  2. Hmmm so maybe not today. Sorry if I got people anxious with my speculation lol
  3. Man my stomach is churning....probably less than 2 hours! (if it is actually coming out today)
  4. Cause it seems like invites are sent out at the end of the 3rd week of October every year (based on last 3 years according to a post on the last page), and tomorrow is the last day of the 3rd week. So tomorrow seems likely, and noon is when they seem to have usually come out.
  5. I think we will find out tomorrow at noon.
  6. GPA: 3.95 CARS: 130 Would appreciate some insight so I know how well I have to do on CASPer!
  7. Well that was much harder than I expected. I really hope they don't put too much weight on this...
  8. Wow 1000+ last year, huh? https://lfpress.com/news/local-news/western-universitys-schulich-medical-school-welcomes-new-class-amid-big-admissions-overhaul This LFPress article indicates that the previous cycle only considered 730 applicants who met academic cut-offs (450 interviews). So the CARS cut-off changing from 128 to 127 likely lead to a ~25% increase in the amount of applicants they actually considered. Makes you wonder if it'll change even more this year? Regardless it goes to show how those Western ABS essays are becoming more and more important. For the cycle of 2019, a person's essays needed to be ranked in the top 62% to warrant an interview. For the 2020 cycle, you needed your essays to rank in the top 45% (less than half of people who met academic cut-offs got an interview).
  9. So does "1st successive 30 credit hours" mean most recent 30 hours? So if I just finished 3rd year, my 3rd year would be my "first" successive 30 credit hours, and 2nd year would be my "second" successive 30 credit hours?
  10. Hello everyone, Just wondering if anyone can shed some light on whether it is worth it to apply to U of A as OOP with 519 MCAT (130 CARS), and 4.40 AGPA. Now based on the historical stats on their website my gut tells me "no" but I was wondering if there's any precedence of someone with similar stats getting an interview before. Ty in advance
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