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  1. Hello, If I am going to be continuing an activity into December 2020 for example, should I put my hours as what I would have completed in December? Or is it when we list our hours and dates we shouldnt project into the future Thank you
  2. Hey everyone, I hope you are all doing great. I'm an OOP student and am pretty unfamiliar with how to write my UofA activities descriptions. Should I talk about the things I have learned from this experience? Or should I just say what my roles were in the position and what skills I basically improved from those roles? For my lab descriptions, should I give a sentence detailing what the lab was investigating in addition to my role. Eg start of by saying I worked in a lab that studied brain cues in blah blah. And then next sentence I say what I actually did in the lab. Or should I just jump right into my roles in the lab If you have any general tips or advice, I would appreciate it Thanks for reading, having a great day!
  3. Hello, OOP student here that doesn't know much about UofA and had some questions. I read online from an earlier post (2016) that your responses in this section aren't taking into account for your pre-interview score. Is this true? Also, do you think this would be a good spot to talk about 1. my experience being an immigrant (and what I learned form it) 2. My experience with my mom getting sick (which drove me to pursue medicine) Thanks!!
  4. Does anyone know when the last date to complete Casper for Uof A is? Is it before September or after? Thank you!
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