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  1. I am a U of A student and just graduated this spring with my BSc. My pGPA is not that good (3.3 not including physiology because I just got CR). Additionally, the upper level microbiology course that I took to replace MICRB 265 was also CR. I got letters for both stating my ranking in the class/mark I would have received so I'm not sure how these letters factored into my pGPA calculations . I have taken many biochemistry courses and received high marks in those so that might have strengthened my application? My GPA from my last 60 credits was 3.9 and showed a strong trend upwards from my 1st and 2nd year. My volunteer experiences involved helping out with the campus community over the span of ~2 years. My work experience listings were all customer service based over the span of ~6 years. I believe my LOI was strong but I did not feel confident about my interview, I think I butchered 2/4 questions
  2. I got my acceptance today at 10:09 am!! I was not expecting to hear anything because it is Sunday so that was a fun surprise to wake up to. Good luck to everyone waiting!!
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