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  1. Once you submit the primary application, you can't edit the references again but you do get to work on the next part of the application before your references respond, I don't know when they are contacted however, hope this helps
  2. There's four spaces for volunteering, leadership, work experience and experiences/ achievements and those have a 325 limit, and then there is two more life experience/ achievement with 750 character, one about whats something that was a challenge and how you dealt with it that's 2000 character and one about something life changing that made you a better person that's 1500 character
  3. I had to email the admission department to get my banner ID
  4. Hello I am trying to register for a CASPer test for Dal and uofa, since dal is earlier, I registered for it and got a date and when I went to add a school (uofa) for some reason only the schools from Newfoundland and Manitoba are there? Does anyone know if I have to wait for uofa's applications to open or is there a problem with my page? Thanks!
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