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  1. Hey guys! Looking for some input here for the community if possible. I've just recently finished my MSc at UoT working on a clinically oriented project. Prior to this exposure, med school wasn't really on my radar, I considered myself more interested in developing devices/tools for clinicians. Early in the MSc, my perspective shifted and I began to take steps towards applying. Before my MSc I received my undergrad in engineering physics at UBC in Vancouver. In part because of the heavy workload and in part because grades weren't a huge concern at the time, my final GPA fell below the competitive level for Ontario med schools. Looking past the poor GPA, I believe my MCAT and graduate productivity are quite strong and ECs are alright. Full stats below: 3.49 cGPA (3.8, 3.47, 2.68, 3.8, 3.79 year by year, the program is 5 years) 3.67 wGPA for Toronto MCAT: 517 (128, 130, 130, 129) Research: 6 publications, 3 as 1st author. 3 conference poster presentations. 2 research oriented capstone projects in undergrad. ECs: 2 years volunteering in a hospice center, 1 year of hospital volunteering (prior to COVID), 3 years as an exec on a student engineering team - 2 as an exec, 6 semesters as a TA, 20 months on engineering co-op, including 12 months at Tesla in California Referees: Masters supervisor, clinical member of my thesis comittee, supervisor from the hospice center I volunteered at. I believe all should be reasonably strong. What do you guys think? Do I have a shot anywhere? If not, what's my best path forward (if there is one at all)? Thanks a bundle!
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