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  1. Fyi if you guys don't have access to entrada yet.
  2. I'm sorry you had this experience:( I know of some people that didn't necessarily have the outcome they wanted with student affairs but I just want to say that for me that wasn't the case. They really went above and beyond to accommodate me. I'm not at vfmp so perhaps it's more of a site dependent thing but student affairs definitely checks up on us. We pretty much run into them in the hallway every day. I would still recommend reaching out !
  3. Since I'm further along in the program I would highly recommend contacting student affairs now and before you get to Vancouver to let them know how you feel. It's completely confidential and I think it's important to let them know your guys' thoughts on this announcement. You'll learn as you go through med that you definitely have a say in some things regarding your curriculum so don't be intimidated reaching out to faculty. It's possible they have not fully taken into consideration the impact the decision will have on some students.
  4. 100% agree with you. It's one thing for 2nd or 3rd years to move to an online curriculum and move back to cities that they've already lived in, established themselves in somewhat, and have made some long-term friends and supports. It's another thing for completely new students to move to a brand new location in a brand new program and have minimal time to interact with their classmates or the program. Speaking for myself, my best memories of 1st and 2nd year was just messing around and having a good time with my classmates in between classes and during our breaks. Yes most of us were happy with online cbl but that's also after 2 full years of in person cbl. Yes it gets old but it's also something that everyone should experience and gain things from it
  5. This is what makes no sense to me though. Imagine someone having to move from Ontario to Vancouver for a potential of 4? 5? Face to face sessions in November. It doesn't make sense as to why they are doing this
  6. The other thing that I think is an issue is them still not being clear on whether in person sessions will happen or not later in the year. I don't know any other school who wasn't made a firm decision for this upcoming semester and I don't see this as being fair to you guys to still leave it up in the air at this point.
  7. Honestly, I got to say as a 3rd year at UBC I find this decision quite strange, especially for distributed sites. Specifically regarding making students go to their sites for a handful of in person sessions throughout the year. There's many students that aren't from the cities that they'll be doing medical school in (especially oop applicants) that now have to go to brand new cities and basically do online school from home. Not only is it a huge waste of money for accommodation , you're not even getting a smidge of the typical med experience or have the chance for social interaction throughout the day. I wasn't living in my current site when I started medical school, and the transition to moving and starting medical school was hard enough as it was. If the situation due to covid calls for online classes then that should be understandable. But then adjust the curriculum to allow students to live where they want. When they changed our curriculum at the end of last year to go online , they let us return home as soon as the changes were made and they stated very clearly that we would get at least a 4 week notice to return back to our site if we needed to. Not sure why they're not treating you guys similarly.
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